We are proud announce that PANCAIM will be represented at the upcoming SPIE medical imaging conference, which will take place in San Diego, CA, USA from 20-24 February 2022.

On behalf of Radboud University Medical Center, the project coordinator, an abstract to the ‘Digital and Computational Pathology’ Call for Papers was submitted and subsequently accepted by the relevant selection committee.

The authors – Pierpaolo Vendittelli, Esther M. M. Smeets and Geert Litjens – are part of the the Radboud Computational Pathology Group, which develops automated machine learning systems for cancer detection, biomarker discovery and quantification, and improved prognostication.

The paper, titled “Automatic tumour segmentation in H&E-stained whole-slide images of the pancreas” will be presented on 21. February 2022 at 5 PM PST. In it, the authors propose a multi-task convolutional neural network for detection and segmentation of Pancreatic cancer, which offers significant improvements over the single task segmentation network (median Dice score of 0.952 ± 0.058 IQR of the multi-task network vs. a median Dice of 0.928 ± 0.067 IQR for the single task network).

More information can be found here.