A few weeks ago, PANCAIM project coordinator coordinator Henkjan Huisman and WP1 leader radiologist John J. Hermans of Radboud University Medical Center sat down with journalist Anthony King to discuss the challenging reality of pancreatic cancer and ambition of PANCAIM to offer new hope to patients and clinicians. We’re proud to share that the article is now published by the European Commission in Horizon, the EU Research and Innovation Magazine!

Pancreatic cancer affects more than 150.000 Europeans each year, but is often diagnosed too late, leaving patients and doctors with very limited treatment options. Survival statistics are discouraging – on average, only 25% of diagnosed patients survive for another year and only 12% are still alive after five years.

This dire situation motivates PANCAIM researchers – a consortium uniting clinicians, surgeons, radiologists, bioinformaticians and data scientists – to use new technologies and artificial intelligence to try to improve the situation for patients, e.g. by offering earlier detection of the disease, and more personalised treatment recommendations based on patient-specific markers. Initial results are promising that AI can make a big difference; in Huisman’s words: “AI can do things humans can’t such as spot a couple of cells among a billion or hone in on tiny structures”.

Check out the full article here: https://projects.research-and-innovation.ec.europa.eu/en/horizon-magazine/fighting-pancreatic-cancer-computers-and-lasers