The projet’s approach to pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic cancer is responsible for over 95,000 EU deaths every year, and life expectancy at the time of diagnosis is just 4.6 months. Motivated by the idea of helping patients and improving their quality of life, as well as completing and consolidating the currently rather scattered research in the field, the PANCAIM project is centered around the consortium’s proposal to build a repository of available multi-modal patient data.

Combining manual and automatic annotation and analysis of features from genomics, and medical imaging (radiology, pathology), algorithms will be developed through machine learning and AI training. These tools will help clinicians to make a more accurate prognosis and offer better treatment recommendations and outcome predictions for patients with pancreatic cancer. This will increase survivability and quality of life of those affected.

Celebrating 1 year of PANCAIM

At the project’s M12 meeting which took place on Friday, 14th January 2022 online, the Consortium celebrated successfully completing the first 12 months of project implementation and reaching the 1-year milestone of PANCAIM. Partners presented their progress in their research and cooperation efforts and explained plans for the upcoming months.

Participating SME Collective Minds shared the progress in building the repository and updated all partners on the process of uploading and curating data which will, at later stages, be reviewed and annotated in order to be used for machine learning. PANCAIM partner Siemens Healthineers gave a demonstration of their Teamplay application, which is used in thousands of hospitals in the world and represents an example of using artificial intelligence tools in the complex field of healthcare. The project’s External Advisory Board (EAB) members shared valuable feedback and constructive feedback that will be taken into account during the remaining 3 years of the project.

PANCAIM partners will tirelessly continue their work on the project in 2022 in order to arrive at a sophisticated and sustainable platform by the project’s end and reach the desired impact.

PANCAIM partners at the M12 meeting